About Seeds

University of London

SEEDS is affiliated with the University of London to offer LLB (Hons). It gives our students an outstanding forum to study, research and publication at international level.

Cambridge University

Affiliation with Cambridge University provides Seeds to offer their students excellent preparation for Cambridge Advanced as well as other progression routes.

Pearson Edexcel

SEEDS is affiliated with Pearson, the UK's largest certifications awarding organization, to offer our students with academic, vocational and work-based international certifications.


Award Winning Education Institute

SEEDS identifies and develops the intellectual and creative talents of a diverse group of students. Within supportive and caring school preparatory environment, students are encouraged to achieve their finest in all spectrums of their lives.

Our students have won more than 500 awards for the exceptional performances in the field of academics, athletics and the arts within relatively a very short period of time.

My Dear SEEDS Community,

With immense pleasure, I proud and honour my association with the most amazing and cherished community in Pakistan.
The idea of SEEDS is inspired to create a global wisdom and intellect, infused with recognition of our national identity blended with cultural diversity across Pakistan. I believe that the core behind our educational philosophy is service to humanity, development of moral upbringing and critical thinking through real life exposure.
I can assure you that choosing SEEDS will be the first step towards what your child is destined for. Our results and students’ placements in various professional disciplines across the world class universities is a proof of our commitment. I strongly urge you to continue the warmth of your association with SEEDS, and be assured of the best for the child.
Heartiest Regards,
Dr. Nasir Khan

Seed's Mission

Our mission is to grooms students, at an individual level, into more active and successful human beings having emotional intelligence by instilling compassion in to their minds for their better future. A future that will benefit them and people around them.

Seed's Vision

To provide a platform for excellence in teaching, entrepreneurship and civic engagement to enable them to serve the transformational needs of the society.

Seed's Core Values

The core philosophy behind SEEDS is the ownership of the students, importing not the education but also emphasizing on character building and development of leadership qualities.

Aims & Objectives

At SEEDS we inculcate a strong nationhood spirit by instilling in students pride in our identity as “PAKISTANIS” and in our religion “ISLAM”.

  • Develop the ability to think and learn logically.
  • Develop the qualities of caring for others and sharing in the school community as a whole.
  • Develop the creative aspect of themselves and an awareness of aesthetic considerations.
  • Develop leaders to steer the world of tomorrow & appreciation for the world around us and their place in it .




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